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Mar 29, 2024 TIL on 2024-03-29 about GAIQ Audience, Conversion, Dimensional Explore, Dynamic, Event, Explore, GAIQ, Hold back, Metric, Trigger
Mar 28, 2024 TIL on 2024-03-28 about GAIQ Account, Analytics, Categorical Data, Data Modeling, Datastream, Dimension, Machine Learning & Automation, Metric, Metrics, Numerical Data, Pixel, Property, Stream, Tag, Variable
Mar 26, 2024 TIL on 2024-03-26 about GAIQ BigQuery, Dimension, Google Signals Data, ID Space, Metric, User-ID, cross-platform, event, properties, session
Feb 24, 2024 TIL on SAT about SQL(1) normalization, anomaly, normal form
Feb 24, 2024 TIL on SAT about SQL(2) SQL, DML, select, distinct, as, order by, DESC, where
Feb 23, 2024 TIL on FRI about DLS transfer learning, data synthesis, multi-task learning, end-to-end deep learning
Feb 23, 2024 TIL on FRI about SQL relationship, pairing, degree, cardinality, optional membership, attribute, domain, identifier
Feb 22, 2024 TIL on THU about DLS error analysis, setting goal, training-dev set, data mismatch
Feb 22, 2024 TIL on 2024-02-22 about special_lecture Allemment problem, Atlas, Boston Dynamics, Code as Policles, GPP, GPT, IHMC Nacila, Instmct, Mobile ALOHA, RT-2, Robot Transformer, Sementic Segmentation, Tesla, Unitree H, lext Detection
Feb 20, 2024 TIL on TUE about DLS(1) ML strategy, orthogonalization, evaluation metric, satisficing metric, optimizing metric, dev set, test set
Feb 20, 2024 TIL on TUE about DLS(2) orthogonalization, change metrics, human level performance, bayes optimal error, avoidable bias, variance, error analysis, improving model performance
Feb 20, 2024 TIL on 2024-02-20 about special_lecture data model, deep learning, example, formula, language model, machine learning, math, memorization, optimization, textbook, transformer, tuning, wikipedia
Feb 19, 2024 TIL on MON about DLfromScratch fully connected, affine, padding
Feb 19, 2024 TIL on MON about DLS(1) random hyperparameter tuning, coarse to fine, batch normalization, gamma, beta, batch norm, mini batch
Feb 19, 2024 TIL on MON about DLS(2) batch normalization, covariate shift, softmax, softmax
Feb 18, 2024 TIL on SUN about DLfromScratch(book) perceptron, activation, XOR, perceptron, neural network, activation function, step function, softmax, overflow, monotonic function, batch, optimization, RMSprop, AdaGrad, exponential moving average
Feb 18, 2024 TIL on SUN about DLS momentum, exponentially weighted average, RMSprop, Adam, bias correction, moment, learning rate dacay, local optima, saddle point, plateaus
Feb 17, 2024 TIL on SAT about DLfromScratch(book) Dynamic, init, instance, object, tensor
Feb 17, 2024 TIL on SAT about DLS bias correction, momentum
Feb 15, 2024 TIL on THU about DLS minibatch, SGD, stochastic gradient descent, exponentially weighted average, moving average
Jan 31, 2024 TIL on WED about DLS data augmentation, early stopping, normalizing, normalize, vanishing, exploding, random initialization, gradient checking
Jan 26, 2024 TIL on FRI train set, dev set, test set, bias, variance, underfitting, overfitting, bayes error, bigger network more data, regularization, L2 regularization, dropout regularization, inverted dropout technique, OOP, piping, chaining, dplyr, SQL, ggplot
Jan 25, 2024 TIL on THU R, RPA, Quarto
Jan 24, 2024 TIL on WED python, kernel, method, namespace, module, error message, escape, hashablility, set
Jan 23, 2024 TIL on TUE R, python, string, vector arithmetic, zip, enumerate, where
Jan 22, 2024 TIL on MON deep learning, deep neural networks, DNN, back propagation, forward propagation, matrix dimensions in DNN, hyperparameter
Jan 21, 2024 TIL on SUN deep learning, neural networks, activation, vectorizing, activation function, gradient descent, random initialization
Jan 19, 2024 TIL on FRI deep learning, back propagation, logistic regression, vectorization, SIMD, broadcasting, likelihood
Jan 18, 2024 TIL on THU R, python, vector, list, dictionary, vector arithmetic, list comprehension
Jan 17, 2024 TIL on WED machine learning, model, polynomial regression, overfitting, underfitting, k-fold cross-validation, deep learning, binary classification, logistic regression, sigmoid function, loss function, cost function, gradient descent
Jan 16, 2024 TIL on TUE python, dynamic typing, memory, variables, list, deepcopy, packing, unpacking, formatting, padding, f-string, PEP, linear algebra, dot product, cross product, deep learning
Jan 12, 2024 TIL on FRI SMART questions, vector, dot product, commutative property, distribute property, associative property, cauchy-schwarz inequality, deep learning, neural network, supervised learning, standard NN, CNN, RNN
Jan 11, 2024 TIL on THU ask, data analysis, object, OOP, memory, R, python, data independence, schema, instance, entity SQL
Jan 10, 2024 TIL on WED basis, linear algebra, Dictionary, key, value, get, PY4E, python
Jan 9, 2024 TIL on TUE subspace, span, linear algebra
Jan 8, 2024 TIL on MON list, data structure, PY4E, python, fairness, coursera, data modeling, SQL
Jan 7, 2024 TIL on SUN linear combination, linear dependence, linear independence, span, linear algebra
Jan 6, 2024 TIL about PY4E python, indentation, iteration variable, continue, indefinite loop, definite loop, grab line, hunting, is, string, method, object oriented function, parsing
Dec 31, 2023 TIL about Finance finance, cash flow, CFFA, OCF, NWC, CAPEX, NPV, IRR, capital budgeting, mutually exclusive, risk, risk premium, beta, CAPM, cost of capital, WACC, raising capital, rights offering, capital structure, MM propositions, DE ratio
Jul 3, 2023 TIL about General Biology(3) genetics, Gregor Mendel, incomplete dominance, alleles, nucleotide, DNA replication, PCR, codon, RNA, tRNA, ribosome, virus
Jul 2, 2023 TIL about General Biology(2) photosynthesis, light reactions, calvin cycle, photophosphorylation, cell division, mitosis, G1 checkpoint, cancer, meiosis
Jul 1, 2023 TIL about General Biology(1) amino acids, eukaryotic cell, membrane protein, ATP, enzyme, cellular respiration, glycolysis, TCA cycle, oxidative phosphorylation
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